Digital Family Calendar Display

Digital Family Calendar Display

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This handmade 24" smart display syncs with your Digital Calendar platform of choice (Google, Apple ical, Microsoft, and others) to display events automatically update information as soon as you make a change to your schedule from your computer or phone.  

The display can be used as a digital photo frame. You can display any photos from your phone or photo sharing app.

In addition to the digital calendar function, weather, to-do lists, traffic information, package tracking, and news feeds can be displayed. 

NOT A TOUCHSCREEN.  All calendar updates and programming are done from your phone or computer.   



Display (Full HD, 1920 x 1080) is a matte panel

The screen orientation is available in portrait or landscape.

Thin panel display (depth: only 1.75 inches).


External dimensions of the display, including frame:

Width: 24"

Height: 15"

Depth: 1.75"


Handmade wood frames available in white oak or weathered grey. If you are interested in a custom stain or color, we can most likely make it happen.


The calendar utilizes DAKboard software.

We will help you set up your DAKBOARD Account and show you how to configure and customize your display.

DAKBOARD is a third-party software and we are not affilated with DAKboard.

There are free templates offered by DAKBOARD and premium templates and widgets available for purchase through DAKBOARD. The free version is pictured in the photos shown on this page.


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