Three Reasons why a Sideclick is the Right Universal Remote for Streaming

Three Reasons why a Sideclick is the Right Universal Remote for Streaming

You’ve cut the cord and purchased your new streaming device. Now you are constantly juggling between your streaming remote, your TV remote and maybe even a 3rd or 4th remote depending on your media setup.  A Sideclick Universal Remote will help you streamline your streaming experience.  Here are 3 reasons Sideclick is a must-have accessory for streamers.


Many universal remotes on the market are big, bulky and are over-complicated with too many buttons. A Sideclick is thin in size and attaches to your existing streaming remote. Its eight buttons are customizable to be programmed to function the 8 buttons you most frequently use across multiple devices.    


For many of us, cutting the cable cord is motivated by its cost-savings benefit. A Logitech universal remote that is capable of controlling your streaming devices along with your other media devices would cost over $100.   Sideclick is $29.99.   You could outfit 3 TV’s with a Sideclick for less than you’d pay for an overcomplicated equivalent.


There is nothing worse getting a new universal remote and not knowing how to use it or struggling with setup.  Sideclick uses IR learning technology to program over multiple devices.   Check out our programming tutorial to see just how quick and easy it is to program a Sideclick.  By attaching a Sideclick to your streaming device, you retain the voice search feature of your streaming remote which is vital to many streamers.  

Add a Sideclick universal remote! Visit our website, check out our 4.5 star rating on Amazon or head up to your nearest Best Buy.  You won’t regret it!

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