The Disney App – What is Disney Content Worth to You?

The Disney App – What is Disney Content Worth to You?

Attention parents! Have you heard that Netflix will be losing their Disney Content in 2019.  Disney recently announced that they will pull all content from Netflix and start their own streaming app in late 2019.

The plan is to offer a $5 per month service that will give viewers unprecedented access to not just Disney content but also Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies.  

In addition, Disney will be producing original content for their streaming service that won’t be released in theaters.

Would you pay for this Disney streaming service?  We’re pretty confident that it’s a big fat yes from us.  While our kids,  ages 6 and 9, have found a lot of great shows that are original Netflix shows (like Project MC2 and Fuller House) and exclusive Amazon prime video shows (like Just Add Magic), there is no replacing the magic and content of Disney.   So if shows like Sofia the First and Disney Movies like Moana and Beauty and the Beast go over to their own streaming app, we’re pretty confident our money will follow.   

Disney content and a Sideclick remote are essential to our family’s streaming arsenal.  Sideclick is a simple universal remote attachment for your streaming remote.  Sideclick makes accessing streaming apps much easier for kids because instead of juggling multiple remotes, a Sideclick allows them to access the TV power, volume controls, and source buttons along with their streaming apps in an all-in-one device.  

Happy streaming!

Source:  CNET

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