Sideclicks will ship in 10 days!

Hi backers and website pre-order customers!

Great news to report!  Sideclick has arrived in the US and you will receive your order soon!!  

Our 8 pallets have made their way through customs and will be departing via railway headed to our fulfillment partner in the next few day.

The products are estimated to arrive at the fulfillment center by Monday,  April 25th.  Once the shipment is received by the fulfillment company, they will start shipping to customers.  You should all receive an email shipping confirmation with tracking #’s by Friday, April 29th!

We just launched a new website and our goal is to build a robust Help Center featuring many video tutorials and FAQ’s.  We look forward to your feedback as you receive your Sideclicks and start using them.  We will welcome any feedback at  You all will help us immensely in building out the support section of the website and making sure we have answers to all questions which may arise.

Important Note for ROKU users.  There are 4 Adapter Clips that you will receive in your Sideclick Starter Kit for Roku.  Please note that when you open your box, there will be an inner tray that holds the Sideclick universal remote and 2 Adapter Clips.  You have to take out the inner tray to find the 2 additional Adapter Clips in the lower tray underneath the top tray.  We realized that we really should have had some sort of message in the box indicating the location of the bottom tray.  Just don’t throw away the box without taking out all 4 adapter clips!!!  You’ll want to hang onto those clips should you change Roku’s in the future.  Roku is constantly cycling through remote styles.

Also, please note that if you ordered anything extra other than a complete starter kit (example, a koozie or a separate adapter clip set), those items will come shipped in a separate package.  You will receive your complete Sideclick Starter Kits first and then the extra items about week later.  

Thank you so much again for your support, backers!  

We’ll send an update again in about 10 days once items start shipping to you!

The Sideclick Team

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