Sideclick has left the building!

Sideclick has left the building!

Hi everyone!

Sideclick has left the factory and is headed to the US! Can you hear our cheers of excitement?!?! 

We are on track for you to receive your Sideclicks at the end of April. 

The products will arrive in the US in approximately 25 days. They will then be trucked to our fulfillment house in Atlanta. Then they will be mailed out to you in 48 hours of reaching the fulfillment house. 

If anyone needs to update their shipping address since ordering, please email us at and make sure we have the right one down.

We are so happy to get to this point! This has been the craziest year of our lives and we are so grateful for our kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. Thank you for coming along for the ride as we experienced first-hand the challenges of developing a product. 

Next update will be when products arrive in US. 


Look at these beautiful pallets!  There are 7 more just like it headed our way!

Here's some more pics of Sideclick right off the assembly line!



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